Nature's Classroom is being relocated for the upcoming 2018 Spring and Fall season.

The program will not be held on the Maples premises but at a location to be confirmed.

The reason for the move is due to the winter thefts and damage but also development changes beginning this season.


Nature's   Classroom

2017 brought about our 5th. season of Nature's Classroom, supported by Envision Financial and in conjunction with LEPS   (Langley Environmental Partners Society).
This year brought about more adaptions to the cirriculum. Mostly in the pollinator week where we actually had the students understand pollination! Whoo hoo!  We got it!
No fruit if not for pollinators!!
Here is a photo of our indoor classroom.
Oh, and more mathematics in planning out a garden plot.
Seed  packets and rulers are an invaluable piece to the
puzzle of "Earth is an Apple".
But we still find it useful in a hands on experience to have
the children with their generous teachers touching soil,
planting and learning where food comes from.
And naturally grown!
Here is a photo of the class working the soil to start their planting.
After the children master the planning, we head down to the stream, our own, Latimer Creek. It is salmon bearing and yes, we have evidence to prove coho live here.
We saw them today!
We learn about water quality and why not to litter and to take care of our natural environment.
Here we have Amanda and the class learning about our fish bearing stream.