The Maples 2018 CSA program has been suspended due to circumstances beyond our control. We will endeavour to review the beneifits this program offers to the community and the Maples. Please check back with us in early 2019.  We apologize to our loyal customers.


Maples CSA 2017.....Our CSA program is full for the 2017 growing season, Thank you.

What is a CSA?

A CSA stands for community supported agriculture.  This means that a customer can buy a share in the Coop's growth and harvests by way of paying either upfront for their share, or in the Coop's payment schedule.

A CSA lets a customer enjoy 10 weeks of fresh, local, naturally grown vegetables and fruits, with the inclusion of flowers and eggs, all local to the Maples Discovery Garden's Coop, in Langley, BC.  Each weekly box will be mix of different items, all priced out to $25 per weeks' worth of produce.  The Maples does not allow pesticides or herbicides of any kind, and uses only organic methods of mulching, fertilizing and planting. 

For a complete listing of the scheduled goodies to expect by month click here.


CSA start and finish dates are: The week of July 5th. to the week of September 6th. If you need to cancel a day, we require 2 weeks' notice.  You are able to 'give away' your bag to a friend.  If you do not pick up your bag, it may not be available the next day. Please communicate with us regarding your veggies!

Substitutions may or may not be possible, depending on which crop is ready.  There may be options for swapping out an item, depending on what can be harvested on certain weeks.

Pick up location and day for delivery( if chosen)

At  this point, our day is Wednesday for harvest, delivery or pick up. This will be confirmed in the oncoming months. It will for sure be a weekday, as it fits with our Maples schedule and it seems to be popular with customers!

Perks of the Maples CSA

The Maples is a non for profit organization that operates mostly on fundraising.  By way of purchasing a CSA, you can be assured that all funds raised will go directly back into the Maples.

Weekly, you will also be receiving a newsletter, with a highlighted veggie of the week, with a recipe, and a list of what to expect in your box!

Did you know that many CSA's bring in fruit from the Okanagan?  Ours does not!  All fruit in your boxes are 100% from Maples' fruit trees, or berry plants in our beautiful space.  Rest assured that ALL your healthy treats have come from our space, with a small carbon footprint. Our CSA is limited to 5 people. This is to ensure product quality.

Payments and Payment Schedules

While each bag costs $25 per week, you have a choice of a discount! If you decide to pick up at the Maples, you will recieve a 10% discount. If you choose delivery, it will incur a onetime delivery charge of $20 for the entire season. That charge covers just gas for the driver.

So, one lump sum will cost $250, plus or minus your chosen delivery or pickup method. Payment due on March 20th.

If you would like to pay in 2 separate amounts, half payment of your amount and chosen method will be due on March 20th and April 20th.

Payments can be received in either cash or cheque.  All cheques can be made out to the Maples Discovery Gardens Coop.  A $25 fee will be charged for all NSF cheques.  If this is not paid, then a revoke of your CSA will occur. Cash payments can be made in person to the Garden Coordinator, by appointment.  Cheques can be dropped off at the Maples, or mailed to: The Maples Discovery Gardens, PO Box 93055, Langley, BC, V8A 8H2.

Does this sound lovely?  We think so! 

If you are interested in our CSA, please email, or call Amanda at 604-825-7568 for your signed agreement, payment choice, and your chosen pick up or delivery option.

Just to let you know, we are an eco-friendly garden. Our veggie bags will be prepped in your own reusable bags! Your first delivery will be a plastic bag to start. More information on this will come!  We will also try to limit waste in packaging to lighten the load on your own household garbage.


Thank you for supporting us! 

Download our CSA agreement by clicking here.