Become a Member: All of our garden plots are rented for the 2017 season. Please inquire early next year - March 2018 - if you are interested in a plot. Thank you.

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Maples Discovery Garden Co-op members can enjoy the benefits of a year round gardening oasis!  The virgin green space at the Maples site consists of old growth trees and natural ecology, including Latimer Creek - a thriving salmon habitat. A wonderful spot to enjoy nature at its best you can enjoy all that the Maples has to offer with a small annual fee of $15.00 which will also entitles you to an equal vote in the organizations direction and activities. Read all about the advantages of joining a co-op by following this link to the BC Co-op Association's website.

The Membership Guidelines for the Maples Discovery Gardens Co-op can be viewed here.

If you are interested in becoming a member we would love to hear from you. We can be contacted by email

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