Our Resident Animals

At the Maples Discovery Gardens Co-op we are fortunate to share our space with many wild animals including a host of birds and beneficial insects. The serene and natural setting is the ideal place for animals of all kinds to flourish. Ours is a pesticide and smoke-free oasis where we encourage and support the residing animal habitat including an active salmon spawning creek.



The Maples is home to a growing colony of bees tended on-site by our B Girls. They really are A Girls, but the fact they work with the Queen and her busy little subjects to make sure there is happiness in the Kingdom, Pam and Elke are designated B Girls. These beneficial insects help to pollinate the fruit, flowers and vegetables growing in the garden!

Busy Bees!

Pets are welcome at the Maples, however, because we do have many wild and domesticated animals on site and some very sensitive environmental areas, such as the spawning salmon creek and community garden plots, we ask that both members and guests keep their pets on a leash at all times.



Here we have the latest addition to our Bee colony.  2 large umbrellas to to help keep things cool during our hot summer days. After a hard day out in the fields the worker bees can come home to relax and rest in the shade. 

Nothing is too good for our bees!